Myths About A Recording Studio


Recording studio is the place where songs and music compositions are recorded and music albums and CDs produced. It takes years of training and experience to become a recording engineer or a producer in a music studio. Many myths and pieces of misinformation about recording sin studios keep doing rounds to confuse budding and aspiring studio artists. Let us clear the air surrounding these myths to help people trying to make a career in sound recording.

There is a perfect way to record songs
Yes, there are guidelines and also best practices that have evolved over a long period of time. But they do not mean you have to follow them in letter and spirit to produce great audio quality. In fact,a recording studio is a place to do all experiments and trial and error to finally achieve what sounds great to ears.

A recording studio can fix performance that is bad
This is another myth that keeps on doing rounds among artists and musicians. It is true that a recording studio can significantly improve a performance. It can even make a good performance look stunning. But sadly, a bad performance remains what it is even if it is recorded in world’s greatest recording studio.

To sound better, one should record on tape
Many budding singers and musicians feel that they must record on tape to sound better. However, it is not true as digital recording can be equally good. What people misunderstand is the distortion that is present in analogue recording. It is this warmth that is absent in tape recording and mistaken by people to be of higher quality.

Recording studio is a guarantee for success
Recording become easier in a recording studio because of all the required equipment and the ambience. But just because you have paid a hefty fee for sound recording to a music studio does not mean your recording will be a huge hit. You need to know how things work in a recording studio to sound great on the record or CD.

Great songs sound great as they are a mash up of lots of takes
Many people think that songs or pieces of music that are excellent and have a sound quality that is simply out of this world are a result of a million takes in a recording studio. You cannot convert lots of average quality takes and mash them up to produce an outstanding quality sound recording. Often it is a combination of a great take and perfect sound recording done by the engineer that produces best quality song or music.

Copying a file makes it lose quality
There are so many people believing in this myth that it appears to be true. This myth is a result of lack of understanding of digital technology. Of course this holds true for an audio tape. It does lose a bit of quality every time its copy is made. But the same does not hold true for audio files in digital mode Every fine detail of the file remains intact even after making copies several times.